For those of you who like history, here’s how this all began …

Way back in 2009, I got a new cell phone.  It was my very first “smart phone.”

You know how when you get a new phone, sometimes you don’t know completely how to work it for a week or two? I took a guess as to how to mute the sound completely the first time I had it with me in church. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t actually ring, but I didn’t know I would still be able to hear sounds coming out of it.

That’s not funny in itself, but what happened because of it, in a church service, WAS.

If you have never owned a smart phone, you may not know (as I did not) that you can download a wonderful and completely free “app” containing the entire Bible.  There are multiple translations available in this app and it is as handy as sliced bread.  If you like to have a Bible with you at all times without having to carry a book, this is pretty cool.

I was looking at the Scripture passage in the Bible version I have in the phone, but it was a little warm in the building that day and I was literally falling asleep. (In fact, I’m not sure I didn’t.) I thought, “Hey, if I could find something interesting to look at for a few minutes I would wake up. I really didn’t want to fall asleep and start snoring right there in front of God and everybody. It would be pretty embarrassing to fall over on the lady sitting next to you, the one you just met who is visiting for the first time.

So … I thought … “Hmmm … what could I read that might keep me awake until I can get focused on the sermon again?” My mind started to really wander, and that’s when the trouble started. (I’ve always had a little trouble staying focused, but this went way beyond that.)

After my funny cell phone experience, I shared it with a dear friend, who encouraged me to share it with others.  After doing so a few times, I realized people thought it was very funny.

Then it occurred to me that it would be great fun to collect and read other people’s funny church stories and put them all together in a book so everyone could share.

Thanks to that dear friend, Cindi Dawson, and my husband, Buddy, both of whom encouraged me constantly, I began to work on the project and it grew into something wonderful that gave me a lot of chuckles during some very difficult times in my life when I was losing my mother to dementia.

Thank you to everyone who shared funny stories.  I hope you will enjoy reading them in Only In Church — Volume 1.

Then it occurred to me that probably Volume 1 was not the end, it was only the beginning, and I should start thinking about Volume 2!

Share your own story for Only In Church Volume 2 right here.

By the way, if you want to hear the rest of my cell phone story, it’s on page 23 of the book.